Global Excellence through Quality of Service

Global Excellence through Quality of Service

For decades, Japanese cars have been renowned worldwide for their quality and reliability. They are still in high demand across the globe this day.As one of many car exporters in business today, we at PQS Japan strive to provide you with the most outstanding service to be found anywhere.

We have implemented a new style of business in which we take care of all the necessary steps in bringing your car from Japan to your country, from the buying in of vehicles to the arranging of their shipping.

Every member of our staff works together as a team in order to make this possible. We take pride in making sure that our staff is always friendly and knowledgeable in their field of work.

It is our desire to continue building a good foundation of trust with each of our clients and with every individual we meet, and together achieve success.

PQS Japan uses a number of suppliers and sources to locate the best quality cars for our customers. Not only do we purchase directly from Japanese used car auctions, but we also have strong ties with local used cars sales and other domestic sellers.

Due to our long term relationship with these suppliers and the quantity of cars we purchase on a regular basis, we have received a number of awards as a Thank You, from our suppliers.


Ever since its foundation in 2007, PQS Japan has been delivering automobiles to numerous clients worldwide, centering our activities in three main areas: the Caribbeans, Africa, and Russia. We have been building trustful relationships with all of our customers and have been steadily increasing our monthly output of vehicles.

Currently, we export over 7,000 units every month. In the midst of this success, our most important commitment has always been to handle each and every vehicle with care, seeing it from the customers point of view.


Fast delivery to customers.


Dependable and consistent service.


High standard of excellence.


Reasonably priced products or services.